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Sql Challange By AKDK - Ali Khan - 11-26-2017

Easy Challange For Newbies
Site Is Hex.
!!!<=Task * Vs * Rules=>!!!
Union Base Get Method
Dont Change Injection Point/Parameter[Image: GVqfYhC.jpg]
Bring Ur Name,Version,User,Tables And Columns
In Whole Query Alow Only 2 Break Row
Each Tables Name And Columns Must Dump Straight Horizintal Line
Dump All Data In One Shot Only In 3 Vulnerbel Column
Dump Table Name With (Red) And Columns Name With (Blue) Color
Dont Harm Site
Dont Ask For Hint And Solution Dont Share Solution To Others
Dont Make Tutriol About That
Pm Your Solution

[Image: 6931920363ce8061c7ea7bdfb073875afdf290b1...51a6e9.jpg]

RE: Sql Challange By AKDK - Rajput_haxor - 09-20-2018

THnks sir Smile   Heart
I know its not correct  Tongue
[Image: HEMt3bM.png]

RE: Sql Challange By AKDK - hun73rcl4w - 02-07-2019

[Image: CQEipxj.png]